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Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night 20th October 2012

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NSWRA and Berg's Hobbies had a stand at the Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night again this year.
A big thank you to all the club members and Peter who helped prepare the displays, organize the event and those
that turned up on the night to talk to the public and run the demonstrations. 

We would also like to thank Macquarie University for all their support and for putting on such a great event.


Image 1.
Starting to set up the displays around 4pm.

Image 2.
Water rockets on display.

Image 3.
Peter setting up his display.

Image 4.
Slowly coming together.

Image 5.
Around 6pm people started arriving.

Image 6.
As the evening progressed more people started arriving.

Image 7.
For most of the night we were very busy explaining the finer details of how these things work.


Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, Index

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