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The NSW Rocketry Association Inc. (NSWRA) exists to provide a focus for all rocketry activities in the state, and is open to all interested individuals and organisations. Find out more ....

Next Launch

Launches now take place at Whalan Reserve.

Date Location Status
--- Whalan ---

Check the calendar for the next launch opportunities.
Check this space for scheduled launch updates, as a launch may be cancelled due to wind or rain. Cancellations may happen last minute the evening before. Whalan Reserve launches may be cancelled if the council closes the grounds due to weather. More information is available here.
Council ground closure information number is: 9839-6575

Upcoming Events

There is NO Sunday launch this month due to many
members being at the Thunda Down Under event in Queensland.

Thunda Down Under 12-15 March 2015
There will be many large rockets and projects flown at this event from all over the world.

Our friends at Rocketry Victoria are building the largest amateur rocket in the world
a 14m tall 1:1 scale V2 that will be flown at Thunda.
If you would like to help them out please visit their website here:



Latest News

News Updates Archive

Are You A
Farmer or Landowner?

Due to the ever expanding urban sprawl NSW Rocketry Association is looking for new launch sites close to Sydney.


  • We have a long track record of launching rockets safely.
  • We have $20 million third party and public liability insurance.
  • We fly only within CASA approved air space.
  • We observe all local, state and federal laws.
  • We always tidy up after ourselves.

Why would you want to help?

  • You have open land.
  • No costs involved for you.
  • You don't have to travel far with friends and family to see some great rockets in action.

If you are interested, have any questions or know someone who may be able to help, we would love to hear from you.







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